Scientific Name - Homarus Gammarus

The prized 'blue' lobster, succulent and sweet.

A fisherman's life on the very North West tip of Ireland is not an easy one, with storms unrestricted by season, and the dwelling habits of the lobster ever changing.

Here the lobster fishermen mainly fish between March/April and September/October, and EVERYTHING depends upon our unpredictable weather.

Pair of succulent blue lobsters still banded so they don't nip your fingers off
Pile of lobster pots

Lobster habitats - Donegal style!

Supporting local Lobster Conservation efforts

Ireland has an active Lobster conservation scheme, which uses v-notching of female lobsters to boost the breeding stock.


After being v-notched, a lobster remains protected for the next few years and it is illegal to buy or sell any v-notched lobsters.


This is a voluntary measure however, and those who do this do lose out financially in the short term, so we wholeheartedly support and applaud them in this valuable cause.


It's a very unselfish gesture that will help towards protecting not only their own fishing future but also that of the other fishermen who don't make the sacrifice. Well done lads. Unsung heroes.

Careful handpacking suitable for Airfreight or Road transport

Neatly packed live Atlantic Lobsters ready to fly away to be your dinner