Tasting is believing

ATLANTIC FISH (Ireland) Ltd is located on the North Western Coast of Ireland, in the beautiful county of Donegal, facing the open Atlantic Ocean. This provides a perfect environment for our shellfish to grow in. We specialise in the year round purification, packing and export of Live Irish Donegal Oysters & Shellfish, and have done so for the last 25 years.


We are proud of our location at the northern end of the Wild Atlantic Way. It truly is a wild and rugged place, often rough and exposed for the oyster farmers, sometimes dangerous to the fishermen but always, always beautiful.


May you taste the difference in our products from this far away, unspoilt haven at the edge of Europe and maybe one day you will come here to experience the wonders for yourself.




All our currently listed products are sold LIVE and as such can be enjoyed at their best by the discerning customer.


Please note: Non-trade customers are welcome to buy directly from us, however for this we can only accept cash, in local currency (Euro) and in person (walk-ins). If you are travelling some distance to the area, we recommend that you call a day or two ahead to ensure we will be open.